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FUTUREMP Programme

The FUTUREMP Programme seeks to give individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in National politics the chance to engage in a structured two-month course. We not only aim for diversity but also endeavour to increase the number and calibre of quality candidates who come from a broader range of experiences. 




The structure involves three parts:

  • Masterclasses – delivered over three months by experts on topics relevant to understanding UK politics.

  • MP Shadowing – with senior politicians, helping bring knowledge to life through practical experience, giving participants an insight into Parliamentary life and procedure.

  • Coaching – provided to participants on a one-to-one basis during and after the programme

At the end of the programme, participants are encouraged to consider an application for the Candidates List. 


The Masterclasses will be delivered over the three-month programme:


  • First steps on what it means to be a Member of Parliament

  • The Machinery of Government

  • The Political Parties


  • Equipping you to become a Member of Parliament

  • Campaigning Skills

  • Media Skills



  • Setting expectations

  • Personal Assessment

  • Preparation and Review

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