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Do you want to have a say in and give back to your local community?

The FUTURECLLR programme seeks to give individuals interested in pursuing a career in politics the chance to engage as a Councillor in a structured training programme, express their local area's best interests and address under-representation challenges. Our programme assumes no prior knowledge of politics.


​ The programme structure involves three parts:

  • Masterclasses – Delivered over three months by experts on topics relevant to understanding the role of councils and councillors 

  • Events – Meet with senior campaigners and councillors, helping bring knowledge to life through practical experience

  • Coaching – Provided to participants on a one-to-one basis during and after the programme


The programme will also allow you to benefit from our MasterClasses, which involves a 2-hour session every week over a 4 week period. Weekly sessions include:​

  1. The role of a Councillor 

  2. What is Local Government 

  3. Getting Selected

  4. Getting Elected 

Participants will also benefit from 3 mentoring sessions during the beginning, middle and end of the programme. ​

For 2020 and early 2021, we will be running an accelerated programme, focusing on the MasterClass elements, and delivered in a one day workshop. 


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Interested in applying but not sure where to start?

Click here to sign up to one of our taster sessions.

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