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About Us


REACHES UK was established in 2020 to increase the number of talented candidates and address under-representation in the political arena. It looks to do this by addressing under-represented Regions, Economic Areas, Cultures, Heritages, Expertise, and Sexualities. 


The programmes we run have been developed to give people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to play a part in political events that will help shape, set, and direct the future of UK politics. REACHES is:

  • Independent - REACHES is run by an independent team, ensuring an unbiased perspective 

  • Confidential - We keep involvement in REACHES private from the local party where preferred

  • Free - Our programmes are delivered by professionals, with no cost attached to participants

Our Mission

Our Objectives

REACHES was launched to unlock the potential of those from under-represented backgrounds, and increase the number of high-quality candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in politics.

We provide training and support to those that want to make a difference, regardless of their background, political knowledge, or experience. We do this at no cost to the participants, as we never want money to be the reason someone doesn't apply.

To encourage and increase the diversity of candidates pursuing a career in politics and achieve our mission, we work with partners to strengthen and promote a diverse and inclusive political workforce through our three key objectives:​

  • Promoting and increasing representation of communities through a blind application process, aimed at introducing the next generation of leaders in politics

  • Working and engaging with diverse communities to promote their voices and aspirations in the UK

  • Increasing involvement, opportunity and understanding of the workings of the current political system

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