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Promoting Equal Opportunity In Politics

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One Mission

The 2020 Parliament is the most diverse in terms of gender, race and sexuality. Despite this, the proportion of MPs from ethnic minorities is lower than the overall UK population, as are other measures such as regions, economic background, and industry expertise. 


REACHES was launched to unlock the potential of those from underrepresented backgrounds and increase the number of high-quality candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in politics.


Two Programmes

We currently run two programmes to help those who want to get involved in public life, and play an integral role in their community by representing them in politics. 



Applications for FUTURECLLR 2024 are now open.

Many Possibilities

We aim to increase the number of high quality candidates in politics from backgrounds where we have lower than average representation:

  • Regions

  • Economic

  • Culture

  • Heritage

  • Expertise

  • Sexuality


In our online taster session, our experts will provide an overview of REACHES, our programmes, and an explanation of the different roles and responsibilities of politicians, including what you will be expected to do and how that fits with the wider political landscape. Information including how to apply and the benefits of doing so will also be covered.

Parties of interest (all that apply)

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